The History of Revue Thommen

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The “Société d’ Horlogerie à Waldenburg” was founded in 1853 in the Jura town of Waldenburg by Gédéon Thommen & Louis Tschopp. In 1859 the company was taken over by Gédéon Thommen, who became the sole owner. The company originally used the brand mark “G.T.” and its improved manufacturing and assembly methods were used in the production of quality watches. In 1885 the company patented the G.T. “Springeruhr”, pocket watch with a mechanical digital display. By 1870, the company manufactured 4,000 watches per year, which increased to an output of 13,000 in 1890. From 1875, as well as cylinder watches, the company also produced lever pocket watches.

In 1889, Société d’ Horlogerie à Waldenburg was awarded a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris.

After Gédéon Thommen’s death, his son Alphonse took over the business and in 1905 registered the company name, “Thommens Uhrenfabriken AG” . Alphonse continued as the company’s president until 1932. In March 1910, the company registered the trademark, “Revue” and due to the increasing demand for wristwatches Thommen opened an additional factory in Waldenburg as well as others in Gelterkinden and Langenbruck.

The company supplied watches for the U.K. market under the name "Vertex". The U.K. agent for Vertex watches was Claude Lyons whose office was at 28 Hatton Garden, London.

When the demand for watches dropped during the depression of the 1930s, the company also began manufacturing precision instruments for industrial applications. In 1936 the company formed the subsidiary “Thommen” who specialised in the development and manufacture of aviation navigational instruments. The company supplied timepieces and instruments to both the British & German armed forces.

In the 1980’s the company renamed their instrument and watch brands, “Revue Thommen” and since 2001 have been manufactured under licence by Grovana Watch Co.
As well as “G.T.”,” Revue”, "Vertex" & “Thommen”, the company has also made timepieces under the brand names, “Vulcain”, “Cyrus” & “Sola”.

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