Original Sir Malcolm Campbell/Bluebird Lapel Badge. 1935


Original Sir Malcolm Campbell/Bluebird Lapel Badge. 1935

Original lapel badge (pin) made as a souvenir of Sir Malcolm Campbell's successful land speed record attempt at Daytona Beach on 7th March 1935.

This badge has a gilded tin body with a brass rim and contains an original photographic image (protected by celluloid) of Sir Malcolm Campbell standing alongside an unidentified gentleman in front of his 1935 Bluebird land speed record car. The badge is mounted on it's original pin. Diameter : 31mm. Good condition (some wear and tear).

Malcolm Campbell, the son of a diamond merchant was born in Chislehurst, Kent, England in 1885. After an early interest in bicycling and motorcycles, in 1910 he purchased his first car, a "Darracq" which he christened "Bluebird" (a name that he used for all is subsequent record cars). Along with other models, he raced this car at the legendary motor racing circuit, Brooklands. Whilst at Brooklands, he also gained some flying experience which led to him being drafted into the Royal Flying Corps as a pilot at the outbreak of W.W.I.  By the end of the war he had been promoted to the rank of captain and in 1931 he became Sir Malcolm Campbell after being awarded a knighthood.

On 25th September 1924 he set his first land speed record of 146.16 miles per hour at Pendine Sands, Wales in his latest "Bluebird" car which was powered by a 12 cylinder Sunbeam engine. On 21st July 1925 he raised this record to 150.86mph. From then on Campbell broke the speed record another seven times in various "Bluebird" cars powered by both Napier and Rolls Royce engines. These records were as follows : 4th February 1927 (Pendine Sands) - 174.88mph,  12th February 1928 (Daytona Beach, Florida) - 206.95mph,  5th February 1931 (Daytona Beach) - 246.09mph,  24th February 1932 (Daytona Beach) - 253.96mph,  22nd February 1933 (Daytona Beach) - 272.46mph,  7th March 1935 (Daytona Beach) - 276.71,  3rd September 1935 (Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah) - 301.12mph.

After being the first to exceed 300mph on land he decided to concentrate his efforts on breaking the water speed record. He set new records four times in succession in his boats Bluebird K3 & K4. These records were as follows : 1st September 1937 (Lake Maggiore, Switzerland) - 126.32mph,  2nd September 1937 (Lake Maggiore) - 129.5mph,  17th August 1938 (Hallwiler See, Switzerland) - 130.91mph,  19th August 1939 (Coniston Water, England) - 141.74mph.

Malcolm Campbell died in 1949, but his record breaking efforts were continued by his son Donald who set seven water speed records between 1955 (202 .32mph) and 1964 (276.33mph) in his "Bluebird" K7 boat. In 1964 Donald also achieved a new land speed record of 403.1mph in his Bluebird car which was powered by a Bristol Siddeley "Proteus" gas turbine engine.  He was killed during a water speed record attempt in 1967 when K7 crashed at Coniston Water.

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