Silver Graf Zeppelin Airship World Flight Medal. 1929


Silver Graf Zeppelin Airship World Flight Medal. 1929

Nice quality, 900 grade solid silver medal commemorating the 1929 round the world flight of the German airship, LZ127 "Graf Zeppelin". Manufactured by the Prussian State Mint in 1928.

The front of this attractive medal bears the image of the Earth with the locations Friedrichshafen, Lakehurst, Los Angles and Tokyo marked and the date and time the airship arrived at each. Around the edge is the inscription, "I. Weltfahrt Des Luftschiffs - Graf Zeppelin - 1929" (First World Trip by Airship - Graf Zeppelin - 1929). The reverse shows the heads of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, Hugo Eckener and Ludwig Dürr and around the rim are their names and titles, "Zeppelin Der Schöpfer - Eckener Der Führer - Dürr Der Erbauer" (Zeppelin the Founder - Eckener the Leader -  Dürr the Builder). The rim is stamped, "Preuss. Staatsmünze. Silber 900 Fein" (Prussian State Coin. Fine Silver 900). Diameter : 36mm. Very good condition.

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Inventory No. A-293


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