Rare Original Autograph. George Lee Temple - British Pioneer Aviator. 1913


Rare Original Autograph. George Lee Temple - British Pioneer Aviator. 1913

Genuine autograph by the pioneer British aviator, George Lee Temple . Dated March 3rd 1913.

Signed in black ink on a blank postcard which also has an printed picture of him attached (this appears to be cut from an aviation magazine at the time of the signature). This item is part of a collection of pioneer aviator signatures which were accumulated prior to W.W.I. by a Miss N. Nadin of Cheltenham, England. Dimensions (including mount) : 178mm x 128mm. Good condition

Temple qualified for aviator’s certificate on February 18th 1913 (Cert. No. 424) at the Ewen School, Hendon Aerodrome flying a Henry Farman biplane. He was a well know motor cycle racer who founded the Temple Flying School at Hendon with a Mr. Jameson in 1912 using a Bleriot monoplane. Temple took part in the London to Brighton Air race held on 8th November 1913, flying a Bleriot monoplane. Shortly after he flew a newly purchased Bleriot non-stop from Paris to Hendon. On 24th November 1913 he was the first pilot to attempt a “bunt” in Britain which nearly ended in disaster, managing to pull out of a dive with only a few feet to spare. George Lee Temple was killed whilst flying his Bleriot at a flying display at Hendon on the 25th January 1914. After deciding to fly while suffering from Influenza, he passed out at the controls causing the aeroplane to crash.

For information on George Lee Temple, refer to the book : "History of British Aviation. 1908-1914" by R. Dallas Brett.

Inventory No. A-163


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