"Bremen" Transatlantic Commemorative Medal. 1928


Original, period, gilt brass medal commemorating the first East to West transatlantic flight in 1928.

The front of the medal bears the images of Baron Von Huenfeld, Captain Koel and Major Fitzmaurice surrounded by the inscription, "First East to West Transatlantic Flight - April 12-13, 1928". The reverse shows a picture of their Junkers monoplane "Bremen" which made the flight, the crossed flags of Germany and Ireland, the American eagle and the inscription, "Baldonnel Airdrome April 12. - Greenly Island April 13. 1928" The medal was made by "Whitehead & Hoag Co." and measures 32mm in diameter. Good condition (slight wear to gilding).

On April 12th 1928, the Germans, Baron Ehrenfried Guenther Freiherr von Huenefeld (a.k.a The Crazy Baron), Captain Hermann Koehl and the Irishman Major James C. Fitzmaurice left Baldonnel Aerodrome near Dublin, Ireland bound for Newfoundland in their Junkers W33 monoplane named "Bremen". Thirty six hours later they crash landed on a frozen lake at Greenly Island, successfully completing the first East to West transatlantic flight.

Inventory No. A-107


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